Original Cleaners Wandsworth is always ready to provide comprehensive and flexible cleaning services for its customers in Wandsworth. We stand out with our experience, dedication, professionalism and pocket-friendly prices.

Reliable and well-trained professionals

We can promise you a stress-free and smooth experience, if you choose to hire us. We work with teams of amazingly skilled and diligent cleaners, who are able to organize and carry out jobs of a varying complexity, size and character. Our experts also have a friendly disposition and a great dose of motivation that guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of their work. Our employees are also trained to use the most advanced equipment and to provide timely assistance in case of a cleaning emergency. We can help you in the most sudden of cases. Your cat or dog did a number two on your carpet? No problem we  can be there to professionally clean it. Using the hot water extraction method your carpets will look like new in no time. We can even spray your carpet with an aroma of your choosing for free.

We offer the lowest prices in Wandsworth

We have the reputation of providing the most affordable prices for our clients. Everybody appreciates professional quality services at a modest cost. The regular prices of our regular domestic services start at only £9 per cleaner per hour for example. Even our all-round one-off cleaning offer is available at just £12.50 per cleaner per hour. It includes a one time visit from a number of cleaners of your choosing, which will clean everything they can within the time booked. If they finish early, you’ll be charged with just the time they’ve spent cleaning. Another sure way to further reduce your expenses is by combining two or more of our services. By doing so, you will also enjoy a more comprehensive cleaning solution and the remarkable opportunity to save more time and efforts than ever. Most of our offers are in combinations with Professional Carpet Cleaning, but we can offer you better prices for most of our services.

As you’ve probably read above, we are quick to respond to same-day bookings at any time of the day, any day of the week. We can also offer you great prices.

We’ll even price-match!

If another company offered you a better price than us (which we higly doubt will ever happen) we’ll match it. Call 020 3769 6337 and get the best household services in Wandsworth!


If you still decide that you want to do the cleaning of your home here is a little tip from us on speeding up the process.

1. Follow the from top to bottom rule.

If using the vacuum is your least favorite thing to do, it can be tempting to scratch it from the list first. But it’s a good idea to start from the top. Dusting the top shelves seems a better idea when the dirt falls on other dirt you are going to vaccum in a couple of minutes, rather than on freshly cleaned surfices.

2. Sort laundry when it really counts.

The biggest time saver for laundry is pre-sorting. Whether you do it yourself when you have the time, or teach your family members to sort the clothes before throwing them out, this will save you a ton of time.

3. Clean the windows just before the sunny forecast.

If the sun is too warm it can dry of the cleaning agent and leave streaks that you’ll have to re-do later. Plus you’ll get to enjoy perfectly clean sunshine rays thru your newly refreshed windows.

4. Turn off your vacuum’s brush roller when switching from carpets to hard floors.

When vacuuming bare floors with the rotating brush, leaving it on will scatter dust and dirt instead of picking it up.

5. Don’t wash the dishes at the sink before putting them in the dishwasher.

Scraping any excess food scraps into the garbage is ok, but even rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher is just a waste of time. It won’t get the dishes cleaner and it won’t be a problem for your dishwasher.

6. Let the tile cleaner soak before strarting to scrub.

Letting the solution soak for a while is better. This helps dissolve the dirt and it will come out easier and with less effort.

7. Remove your shoes as close to the door as possible.

Best way to get rid of dirt in the house is scrubbing it off before going in. Get a matt or two in front of the door and inside, especialy for these rainy and muddy days. Also removing your shoes as close to the doors helps stop the spreading of dirt inside your home.

8. Don’t forget that your cleaning equipment needs cleaning too.

Clean and replace your tools when needed, using a dirty mop or a full vacuum won’t help you. After all you can’t make something cleaner with something dirtier.